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Asparagus Royalty

Meet the Asparagus Queen of 2022; the 47th member of asparagus royalty! Each year, the National Asparagus Festival hosts a beautiful pageant and crowns the only Asparagus Queen in the country. The Asparagus Queen travels the state of Michigan promoting the asparagus industry of Oceana County, and encouraging Michiganders to support our local agriculture industry. All of the exposure and support goes straight back to the farmers that produce this wonderful vegetable that we're known for.


Grace is the sixth recipient of a $1,000 scholarship to be used for further education, or a charitable donation to a local non-profit organization. A very special thank-you to the sponsors and pageant attendees for their generous contributions to continue to support this fund.


Grace Huffman 

Asparagus Queen 2022


Sponsored by: C & D Fuehring Farms

Grace was the 2021 Asparagus Queen First Runner-Up and loved every second of it! She is twenty one years old and currently works as a licensed practical nurse. She went to Shelby High School but graduated from ASM Tech Early College in 2020 where she earned her high school diploma and her Associates Degree. Grace is continuing her education at West Shore Community College to become a registered nurse. She hopes to use her license as a labor and delivery nurse in the future. Grace loves asparagus and had so much fun with the National Asparagus Festival that she couldn’t stop after her year as Runner-up and had to run again! She can’t wait to learn even more about the industry and for more opportunities to celebrate asparagus.



Chelsi Walicki

Runner-up 2022


Sponsored by:  Quick-Way Inc. and

Walicki’s A-1 Auto Body & Towing LLC

Chelsi was born and raised in Mason County and has strong connections to Oceana County through family and her father’s business. At a young age Chelsi became involved in the NAF helping her aunt with many of the festival activities. She was a youth participant in the NAF Food Show, helped with the Art Fair and participated in the Parade. Following High school, Chelsi pursued her bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Davenport University and is currently an accountant for Quick-Way Inc Trucking Company . In her free time Chelsi has volunteered for the Oceana County 4-H Youth Program helping at the livestock auctions and judging exhibits. She has recently joined the Oceana County Farm Bureau where she is learning and helping to share how important farming is to the area. Chelsi is working hard to secure her future dream of owning her own hobby farm with various animals. If crowned Asparagus Queen, she hopes to learn more about the asparagus industry and share what she learns with others she meets. 

We are currently accepting applications for Asparagus Queen 2023!

History of Asparagus Royalty


Thank you for your reign

Asparagus Queen 2022- Grace Huffman

Asparagus Queen 2021- Tara Oomen

Asparagus Queen 2019- Alysha Sullivan

Asparagus Queen 2018 - Kendra Larios-Mendez

Asparagus Queen 2017 - Vicki Platt

Asparagus Queen 2016 - Mary Harris

Asparagus Queen 2015 ~ Courtney Kokx

Asparagus Queen 2014 ~ Danielle Kokx

Asparagus Queen 2013 ~ Amanda Dodge

Ms. Asparagus 2012 ~ Del Merrill

Mrs. Asparagus 2011 ~ Megan Roskam

Mrs. Asparagus 2010 ~ Kimberly Morden

Mrs. Asparagus 2009 ~ Bethann Riggs

Mrs. Asparagus 2008 ~ Michele Amstutz

Mrs. Asparagus 2007 ~ Heather Green

Mrs. Asparagus 2006 ~ Ann Dold

Mrs. Asparagus 2005 ~ Stephanie Wildey

Mrs. Asparagus 2004 ~ Kendra Masunas

Mrs. Asparagus 2003 - December Saucedo-Gonzalez

Mrs. Asparagus 2002 ~ Sonya Hernandez-Joslin

Mrs. Asparagus 2001 ~ Sarah Short

Mrs. Asparagus 2000 ~ Linda Jonseck

Mrs. Asparagus 1999 ~ Susan Tubbs

Mrs. Asparagus 1998 ~ Starr Yoder

Mrs. Asparagus 1997 ~ Kathy Grantz

Mrs. Asparagus 1996 ~ Beth LaPorte

Mrs. Asparagus 1995 ~ Cheryl Arcello

Mrs. Asparagus 1994 ~ Michelle Monroe

Mrs. Asparagus 1993 ~ Lorena Lindgren

Mrs. Asparagus 1992 ~ Stacia Andres-Mooi

Mrs. Asparagus 1991 ~ Tina Collier Houser

Mrs. Asparagus 1990 ~ Kathy Carter

Mrs. Asparagus 1989 ~ N. Joy Hamilton

Mrs. Asparagus 1988 ~ Barbara Sheren

Mrs. Asparagus 1987 ~ Lynn Glaser

Mrs. Asparagus 1986 ~ Mary Ellen Rapes

Mrs. Asparagus 1985 ~ Rebecca Wentzloff

Mrs. Asparagus 1984 ~ Barbara Schultz

Mrs. Asparagus 1983 ~ Denise Crum

Mrs. Asparagus 1982 ~ Carol Waller

Mrs. Asparagus 1981 ~ Mary Ann Carey

Mrs. Asparagus 1980 ~ Brenda Ricksgers

Mrs. Asparagus 1979 ~ Jackie Spierenburg

Mrs. Asparagus 1978 ~ Penny Dawson

Mrs. Asparagus 1977 ~ Phyllis Slocum

Mrs. Asparagus 1976 ~ Joan Lund

Mrs. Asparagus 1975 ~ Maxine Huggard

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